Arduino Compare and Match Timer Interrupt

I am designing a Arduino signal generator with a DAC. On looking around I could not find a working example so I am putting my firmware here. The atmega has a 16 bit timer (timer1) with an extra register to set a count value at which the counter will reset to zero. So by adjusting the compare register an the prescaller a wide range of frequencies can be generated.

Here is the code it flashes the test led


* timer and interrupts
* Timer1 compare match interrupt example

#define ledPin 13
// PRESCALLER SETUP for TCCR1B including reset on OCR1A match.
#define PS1 B00001001
#define PS8 B00001010
#define PS64 B00001011
#define PS256 B00001100
#define PS1024 B00001101

void setup()
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);

// initialize Timer1
noInterrupts(); // disable all interrupts
TCCR1A = 0;
TCCR1B = 0;
TCNT1 = 0;

TCCR1A = B00000000; // CTC MODE
TCCR1B = PS256; // prescaller see defines
TCCR1C = B00000000; //OUTPUT COMPARE and RESET COUNTER on match ;
TIMSK1 = B00100010; //
OCR1A = 3000; // DIVIDES COUNTER 1 – 6400 interupt freq = 16mhz / (OCRIA * prescaller)

interrupts(); // enable all interrupts

ISR(TIMER1_COMPA_vect) // timer compare interrupt service routine
digitalWrite(ledPin, digitalRead(ledPin) ^ 1); // toggle LED pin

void loop()

//digitalWrite(ledPin, digitalRead(ledPin) ^ 1);
delay( 500);




here is the download. Copy an Paste may result in funny artifacts from the html code.



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