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I have decided to try to build a smartphone TV remote control. The idea is to transmit codes from my phone to a blue-tooth module HC06 attached to an adruino the use a ir diode to signal the TV. Actually I am going to replace part of my Foxtel remote as the buttons are getting hard to press. First I need the ir codes. A quick google search found this  . I have some TL1838 in my ebay store so I grabbed one.

Firs you need to install the IR library from here .


  • pin1 – 13
  • pin2 – gnd
  • pin3 – +5v

I planned to make a replacement for my dodgy Foxtel remote but the it seems that rather than buttons being faulty its the electronics putting out random signals. I made an interrupt drive recorder to see whats happening. Here’s the code   timerinterupt.

I know this post is a bit random but I worked out why IQ remote was not working. It runs at 36khz out of the range of my receiver. This guy has analyzed the foxtel iq remote. I would like to build an add zapper with easier buttons maybe a joystick.

Here is the driver and a test program to read the remote    IRremote  remote_recieve_test

I will have to get a TSOP4136 for my foxtel control.

Sat down and wrote a library for the foxtel iq remote send here  skIRremote you need to include the skIRremote.h instead of   IRremote.h. I got the IQ codes and timing from here

it works I am chuffed. The next step is to write a PC interface.  I use Lazarus, it uses a drag and drop gui interface with pascal code similar to Delphi only its free. Here is the exe and source code  serial remote

her is the Arduino sketch I use


* skIRremote: FoxtelIRsendDemo – demonstrates sending IR codes with IRsend
* An IR LED in series with a resistor (180r) must be connected to Arduino PWM pin 3 and GND long led lead to +ve.
* Version 0.1 July, 2017
* *The circuit:
* RX is digital pin 8 (connect to TX of other device(bluetooth))
* TX is digital pin 9 (connect to RX of other device(bluetooth))
* pin3 to led postitve(long) , led negative to 180R resistor to gnd.
//#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <skIRremote.h>

IRsend irsend;

void setup()

byte a;
char c;

void loop() {
c= 0;
a = 0;
//c =;//get a byte from software serial port
c =; //get a byte from main serial port


case ‘1’:
a = 0x29;

case ‘2’:
a = 0x2c;

case ‘3’:
a = 0x28;
case ‘4’:
a = 0x30;

if (a!= 0) {
for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
irsend.sendFox(a); // IQ command



The next step was to use it over blue tooth from my phone. I connected the blue tooth module rx to arduino TX, and tx to Ardino RX, GND to GND and 5V to 5V. Once you have done this you cannot open the USB comm port. Using it for power is OK. I whent to the MIT app inventor site and made an app for my android phone.      If you search the gallery fo foxtel you should find my app. Her is the APK



Good news I found the toggle bit  for the IQ. Will supply the new library shortly.



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